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Home and business owners alike know that a quality paint job is one of the most rewarding improvements in a house or commercial property. An experienced painting contractor will beautify your home, protect it from the weather and add to the overall value. Commercial structures suffer from even more abuse and a durable paint job is the first line of defense in protecting your investment. We have over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial painting.

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Residential Painting
No other painting service in the area has more experience and no other house painter can match our commitment to quality. Let us show you our 8-step process that includes extensive preparation, meticulous application and 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. No matter what colors you select for your home, we’re not finished until your neighbors are green with envy.

We created our special 8-step procedure because we believe that exhaustive preparation is the key to a first-rate finished product. We inspect, clean, repair and prime every surface that will be painted. Any damaged wood, loose caulking material, broken trim or any mold and mildew will be repaired before we even begin to paint. We take the time to address these issues because, in our experience, these problems will simply resurface very quickly if they are just glossed over.

When all areas have been repaired and cleaned, we apply a primer coat that ensures the adhesion and smooth finish of the final colors. Our team of professional house painters applies your final coat carefully and evenly. We always use masking and drop cloths to shield adjacent areas from stray drops. We treat your landscaping and your entire property with respect at all times.

We follow the same rigorous procedure for exterior house painting and interior house painting. From the floor to the ceiling, we guarantee our work with a written warranty. We finish every job with a walk-through and inspection and we make any needed corrections immediately.

We also offer wallpaper removal and popcorn ceiling removal to upgrade your home’s décor. Many people simply live with outdated wallpaper because of the fuss and mess required to change it. Let us deal with it and we can create an up-to-date custom texture for you.

You also don’t have to live with an unattractive popcorn ceiling. They seem to trap dust and they are impossible to clean or repaint. We can remove that crummy old ceiling and leave you with a new flat or textured look in its place.

Commercial Painting
We provide the same level of guaranteed customer service to your commercial property that we bring to residential work. We also bring over 20 years of experience to every job. Whether you need a painting contractor for an apartment building, condos, a hotel or a retail store, we understand the increased demands in these higher traffic areas. We provide a paint job that is both attractive for your tenants and guests as well as durable to protect your investment.

We have the right expertise for institutional and industrial painting. We understand the different coatings and techniques required in warehouses and manufacturing areas. Call us for a free written estimate for your entire facility.

Cabinet Resurfacing
Many homeowners think the only way to upgrade tired old cabinets is with a messy tear out and complete replacement. But there might not be anything wrong with the inside of your cabinets, just an outdated exterior finish. We provide cabinet resurfacing with our exclusive 8-step stain-to-paint procedure. In just a few days, we can transform drab old cabinets or wood paneling with a fresh new Fort Worth Painting Contractor and Cabinet Resurfacingtreatment in colors and finishes that will suit any design style. We can also update a lighter stain to a darker stain or you can choose an antique finish or glaze.

For all of your projects, throughout your home or business, you can count on our 20 years of experience. We have the know-how, the right tools and the right materials and we provide a written warranty for every job. We are your painting contractor in Fort Worth, Southlake, Colleyville and all surrounding areas.

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